Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Adam A Stop Motion Project

For this project, I made a stop motion. I took many pictures and combined them together.

     I used toy cars and stuffed animals for this project.

Adam A Font project

This is my font. I used font struct to make this.

Adam A Stranger photo project

     For this project, all I did was find students around the campus that I don't know and took pictures of them.

Adam A. Zombify Yourself project

     For this project I took a picture of myself and looked for zombie parts like eyes and scars. Then i put them on my picture and made my skin color different.

Adam A. Color focus on black and white photo

     For this project I used a picture of a water fall and highlighted the blue parts of the picture. Then I inverse the highlight and chose a black and white filter. 

Adam A. Shadow study project

This is my shadow study. I took pictures of shadows

Adam A. Surreal Human project

     This is my surreal Human nature project. For this project I used lions and mad the come out of my hair/head. then I tried to blend the lions to my hair. Last I found a picture of Africa and used it as my background.

Adam A. Light painting project

     For this project we used a flash light and tried to make light paintings. the pictures I took are lines and a attempt at making a heart.

Adam A. Repetition project

     This is my repetition project. I got a picture online and made turned it into repetition.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Adam A. Self with former self project

     For this project, I used an old picture of myself and photoshopped myself into it. I then changed the picture to black and white.

Adam A. Album cover project

     This is my album cover project. I used a ice cream cone for my picture. I chose the name frostbite and made an outline glow. 

Adam A. Text in image project

     This is my image inside of text project. I used the word paradise and found a picture of an island. 

Adam A. Shape cartoon character project

     This is my superhero. His name is Shark Boi and he loves to swim and is always scared. He was born in the pacific ocean on April 20 1981. His favorite thing is his pet jelly fish Metro and loves to swim. He also eats a lot of pizza. Last his job is to save many fish from dying and he also makes sure there is no plastic I the ocean.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Adam A. Macro setting project

     For this project I used the macro setting and took 3 pictures. I used a rock and two flowers.