Thursday, April 27, 2017

Adam A. Cartoon head on regular body project

     This is my cartoon on regular head project. I took a picture of myself and put stewie on my head. Last i put a family guy background.

Adam A. Hybrid character project

     This is my hybrid character project. I chose 3 characters for this project and cropped out body parts. Last I used a background from Bobs Burgers.

Adam A. Colorized drawing project

     For this project I used a felt tip pen and drew a picture of Grrrr from Invader zim. Next I used photoshop to outline my drawing and colored my drawing. Last I shaded the body and the eyes.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Adam A. Photo collage with text project

     This is my photo collage with text project. I used 5 pictures and added captions on the pictures.

Adam A. Classical "painted" Portrait project

     This is my painted portrait projected. I used a picture I took from Lego Land and used a filter that made it look like a painted picture.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Adam A. Gif project

     This is my GIF. I drew a whale and made it coming out of water and spraying the water out of his hole. And then it goes back down.

Adam A. Panoramic project

     I took a few pictures in a straight line to make a panoramic photo. I put the pictures in a row and align them to look like one picture. 

Adam A. Movie Poster project

This is my movie poster project. I cut out Jack Blacks head off and cropper mine on his face. I tried to match my skin color with his skin color.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Adam A. Creative Blurrin project

     This is my creative blurring. The picture I used is a picture of a bear and and i used the magic wand tool and selected the bear and selected the inverse and used radial blur.

Adam A. Portrait using different backgrounds

     This is my Portrait project. I used 10 backgrounds and made the background into one big background and put myself in the picture. Last I used a filter.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Adam A. Photo Montage project

     This is my photo montage project. I used 6 photos and added filters. I used photoshop to add the filters and the photo booth filters

Adam A. Triple Evolution project

      This is my triple evolution project. I used 3 versions of I phones, the I phone 3, I phone 5, and the I phone 6. I put them from the oldest to newest (left to right) and put a background.

Adam A. Candy Land project

     This is my candy land project. I used a ginger bread house for houses. The gummy bears represent people. The road is made of brownies and the yellow lines are yellow twizzlers. The background is blue cotton candy. Last the clouds are cotton candy and are white.