Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Adam A Stop Motion Project

For this project, I made a stop motion. I took many pictures and combined them together.

     I used toy cars and stuffed animals for this project.

Adam A Font project

This is my font. I used font struct to make this.

Adam A Stranger photo project

     For this project, all I did was find students around the campus that I don't know and took pictures of them.

Adam A. Zombify Yourself project

     For this project I took a picture of myself and looked for zombie parts like eyes and scars. Then i put them on my picture and made my skin color different.

Adam A. Color focus on black and white photo

     For this project I used a picture of a water fall and highlighted the blue parts of the picture. Then I inverse the highlight and chose a black and white filter. 

Adam A. Shadow study project

This is my shadow study. I took pictures of shadows

Adam A. Surreal Human project

     This is my surreal Human nature project. For this project I used lions and mad the come out of my hair/head. then I tried to blend the lions to my hair. Last I found a picture of Africa and used it as my background.