Monday, March 20, 2017

Adam A. 30 day photo challenge

  Day 1: Favorite Food
 Day 2: Smile 
 Day 3: Happiness
  Day 4: Leaves  
 Day 5: Morning Sky 
  Day 6: Books  
 Day 7: Something Funny 
Day 8: Favorite Color 
 Day 9: Inspiring Person
Day 10: Nature 
 Day 11: Something Old 
 Day 12: Hair
  Day 13: Written Words
Day 14: Movement 
 Day 15: Leading Lines
 Day 16: Symmetry and Patterns
 Day 17: Framing
Day 18: Depth of Field 
  Day 19: Rule of Thirds
Day 20: Best Friend 
 Day 21: Where You Sleep 
 Day 22: In Your Closet
 Day 23: Gratitude  
 Day 24: Something New
Day 25: Animals  
 Day 26: Worm’s Eye View of Trees
 Day 27: Artwork
 Day 27: Artwork
 Day 29: Nighttime 
Day 30: Light

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Adam A. empty room project

      This is my decorate a empty room project. I wanted to keep my room simple. I added brick walls as my wall paper and added a bape person and a bape monkey

Adam A. Hybrid Creature project

     This is my Hybrid creature project. I used 4 animal parts. The animals I used are a dog, cat, shark, and a eagle. I took each body part and photoshop it into the dog.

Adam A. Ansel Adams project

     This is my Ansel Adams project. I just adjusted the color on this flower to a pink. Then I also changed the color of the background to a blue because I thought it was water.